Nr. 3-4/2015 - 1

Due to the imminence of war, the Fourteenth International Congress of Sociology (Bucharest 29 August-6 September 1939, president D. Gusti) was postponed, two weeks before taking place, until April 1940 and later on sine die. It was finally held in Rome (30 August-2 September 1950, president Corrado Gini), without the expected Romanian participation, which had been blocked by the communist regime. The study presents the preparation of the Bucharest Congress (1937-1939 and 1940-1948, based on unpublished documents from Anton Golopentia's personal archive), the Congress in Rome and a comparison between them (with respect to cooperation with the International Institute of Sociology; the participants announced/present; the program; the sections; the communications announced/presented; the published Works/Acts; the relevance for the development of sociology). The Congress in Bucharest would have been the first international congress of sociology organized in southeastern Europe. The Congress in Rome marked the separation, which lasted until the seventies, between occidental researchers and their Eastern European colleagues.

Keywords: The Fourteenth International Congress of Sociology; The International Institute of Sociology; Dimitrie Gusti; Anton Golopenţia; Corrado Gini.



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