Editorial board

Editor in chief: Dr. Sorin M. Rădulescu

Editor: Simona-Grazia Dima

Members: Dr. Ilie Bădescu (director - the Institute of Sociology - Romanian Academy; director of Center of Geopolitics, Bucharest University); Dr. Franz-Lothar Altmann (Associate Professor, Bucharest University); Dr. Dan Banciu (senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology); Dr. Camelia Beciu (Professor - National School of Political and Administrative Studies); Dr. Ştefan Buzărnescu (Professor at Timisoara University); Dr. Michael M. Cernea (Academician, member of the Romanian Academy, Professor at George Washington University, Senior Adviser - The World Bank); Dr. Emilian Dobrescu (scientific secretary of the Economy, Legal Sciences and Sociology Department with the Romanian Academy); Dr. Ioan Drăgan (Professor at Bucharest University); Dr. Chistian Giordano (Professor - Fribourg University, Switzerland); Ion Glodeanu (scientific secretary of the Institute of Sociology); Dr. Erich Goode (Sociology Professor Emeritus - State University of New York at Stony Brook, U.S.A.); Dr. Martin Hauser (Director of the Department-UNESCO, Professor - Chair on the Study of Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Exchanges, University of Bucharest); Dr. Oscar Hoffman (senior researcher at Sociology Institute); Dr. Petru Iluţ (Professor - Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca); Dr. Michel Maffesoli (Professor - Paris V University); Dr. Ioana Petre (researcher at the Institute of Sociology); Dr. Sorin M. Rădulescu (member of the ,,Research Comittee of Deviance and Social Control”, International Association of Sociology, and member of the ,,Romanian Society of  Criminology and Criminalistics”);Dr. Vasile Şoimaru (Professor at Chair of Sociology, Academy of Scence, Rebublic of Moldova); Dr. Ivan Tchalakov (President of the Bulgarian Sociologists' Association); Dr. Katherine Verdery (PhD university professor - City University of New York, U.S.A.).

Scientific Advisers: Dr. Filip Alexandrescu; Dr. Adela Serban