Nr.3-4/2015 - 3

The present paper aims to present the main findings of a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the suicides in Romania, as they are submitted in media and online news sites. The quantitative analysis provides information on the main factors associated with the increase of the suicides in Romania (gender, age, county, suicide methods, suicide causes and key motivations for suicide). The qualitative analysis, too, offers a classification and evaluation scheme for the essential characteristics of the suicide in Romania. There are set on this occcasion some categories and subcategories such as: the victims numbers, the rational or irrational character of the suicide, its form of the expression (solitary or public suicide), the model followed (e.g. the ,,mimetic" suicide), the suicide methods, the suicide locations, etc. The most important part of the paper is devoted to the classification of the causes, motivations and the main triggers of the suicide. 

Keywords: suicide, media, online news sites, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, variables (gender, age, county, suicide methods), classification scheme, categories and subcategories, causes, key motivations.



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