About journal

Revista Romana de Sociologie (The Romanian Journal of Sociology) is one of the most prestigious academic publications in Romania in the field of sociology and other social sciences. The Journal obtained the C.N.C.S.I.S. recognition, being classified in "B+(IDB)" category and it is indexed in 5 important  international databases such as: PROQUEST, EBSCO, DOAJ, REPECINDEX COPERNICUS, DIRECTORY INDEXING OF INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNALS, ACEDEMIC JOURNALS DATABASE and DIRECTORY OF RESEARCH JOURNALS INDEXING. Moreover, this journal is included in the digital archive of the British Library and Library of Congress.

   The Journal publishes theoretical studies and field research in various branches of sociology (social sciences), signed by various renowned personalities in Romania and other countries, but also other articles, reading notes and comments by young researchers or teachers on their path to recognition. 
By its entire content, the Romanian Journal of Sociology is a valuable scientific resource, useful for all those interested in studies and research conducted by Romanian or foreign sociologists in various fields of academic and practical concern. The publication periodically edits issues on special topics, focused on approaches to new social, economic and cultural tendencies that characterize both the Romanian society after accession to the European Union and the contemporary world in its whole.

An important part of the journal is dedicated to emphasizing the best traditions in Romanian sociologic theory and research. Last but not least, the journal includes reviews of renowned Romanian and foreign specialized works and information about scientific events in the field organized in Romania and other countries.

As for its periodicity, the Romanian Journal of Sociology is published three times a year in double issues. Its current circulation is of 325 copies per issue.

The journal is also involved in a sustained exchange program with 70 prestigious partners in 19 countries, especially from Western countries and mostly from France and Germany.  

Revista Romana de Sociologie (The Romanian Journal of Sociology) does not charge readers or their institutions for access to its electronic version. It is an academic journal with OPEN ACCESS, all content of the papers being freely available to readers, in accordance with the the aims and scope of the DOAJ.

The journal does not charge APCs (article processing charge) or submission charges.

Note: Our journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and publishing rights without restrictions.