This article presents the significant changes on sanctions and non-custodial measures applicable under the new codes (criminal and criminal procedure).These changes have as consequences, on the one hand, the expansion of alternatives to custodial sentences, on the other hand, the increasing workload at the level of some probation services. So, the author wants to highlight the effects of these changes in the probation system from our country, by conducting an empirical research. The main instruments to investigate this new reality were questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Therefore, are presented and analyzed the opinions of probation counselors from Bucharest and Ilfov, opinions that reflect the main legislative and administrative difficulties generated by the new legislative framework, and solutions found to overcome them. The paper ends with some conclusions that emphasize the need for action in this matter.

Keywords: probation, new criminal executional legislation, empirical research, questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, probation services, difficulties, solutions.

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