Nr.3-4/2015 - 5

This paper looks at how the British press frames the issue of Romanian immigrants in Great Britain, in the context of the freedom of movement for workers in the UK. The study insists on the frames employed by the British journalists in constructing anti-immigration discourses in the newspapers. In doing so, it focuses on the stereotypes about Romanian people employed in quality and tabloid newspapers ("beggars", "murderers", "criminals", "fraudsters", "corrupt") and on how they affect Romania's  image overseas. By using a mixed research approach, i.e. by combining framing analysis (Entman, 1993) with the critical discourse analysis, this article investigates 271 news items out of three of the most read newspapers in UK (The Guardian, Daily Mail and The Independent), which were published online during January 2013-March 2014. As a conclusion, the results show that the British press uses frames such as economic, political, and also pertaining to employment and national security in the coverage of Romanian immigration. The media also infer the polarization between "Us" (the British citizens) and "Them" (the Romanian migrants).

Keywords: media frames, migration, critical discourse analysis, stereotypes, nation brand.



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